Well, you know I had to share the love on this topic as it is one of those things we at times forget, in my opinion.  So how do we enable the Win-Win in us?

Let’s start by acknowledging how good it feels to win.  Now, place yourself in second place, how does it feel now?  Ok, now you have the full spectrum of emotions, right?  Winning and second place.  My question would be, what’s wrong with second?  For some, second is for losers, not for me!

I am certain of this, we teach our son to expect greatness but only through MASTERY of what ever you choose.  does that make sense?  We ‘ve got to do a better job of teaching BALANCE and how to help people get a secure feel with us.  Especially in a negotiation situation.

Balance is so misunderstood!  Pie chart your day and see where you are challenged.  It will amaze you the amount of time you spend doing, ZERO!  Time is doing!

Ok, that’s enough for  now, go listen to the BLOG

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