Way-Back Wednesday!

Well this one was a tough one because it was about an issue that plagues our community and others too it appears.  Light skin and dark skin.  Its crazy but folk are still buying to the “good” hair thing too.  Do you perpetuate the hate?

Ok, so that is discussed a little as it was shown to me via a speaking engagement to kids.  So if its there, its at home, agree?  How do you feel about it?  Have you seen this or been a part of it?  I bet you will watch out for it now.

I remember my mom saying to me that I would have it a little harder because I was the darker of my siblings.  She was fair.  Thanks Mom for preparing me without fear and malice.  She said she was watered down!  Ha Ha.  She always had a way to make it better, like our Moms and Grandmoms do…

So for more, what do you have to do?

That’s right.  Listen.

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