Wacky Wednesday

Great day Family!  I certainly hope you all feel like I do!  Anyway, Wacky Wednesday looks at a client that for whatever reason, gets into the wackiest things!  Its incredible!  But check this out, what would you do if you went the doctor and they told you what they told this client.

Then there’s that time I visited #IDAHO and thoroughly enjoyed.  Great folk in Idaho, made a brother feel welcomed!

It does end well though so don’t worry.  It was so funny we had to put it on the show and the interviewer is going to amaze you too.



Hey, Big Shout out to “Customized Teez”  in Greenbrier Mall, Chesapeake, Virginia.  Favi and Jasmine take great care of my apparel needs.  Prices represent their work so do worry, they got you.  Thanks Family.  See for my next order.  Call them now and tell them TopCat sent you!  (757) 309-4600

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