Well, Well…Another great day and hopefully, you are making strides to make everyday count.  I am somewhat perplexed as to what makes some motivated and others not so much…what do you all think?

Of course you know of folk that are not motivated but usually there are reasons for their melancholy mood, right?  Let’s say you asked, what might you expect they’d say?  So that’s the Lick…Find out the reasons, if they are up to it.

You know what, a really good parent of several kids, a couple are mature so he knows parenting.  So check this out, he asked me to ask you all about the age that your kids should leave the nest.  He was really alarmed that Black families seem to push their kids out SOONER than most.  I shared, 20’s for mine or when they are ready to, ABLE to…What about you guys?

Is this a cultural thing or economical or is it something more sinister?  Government involved like Zo suggested?

Let me know…I’m out.

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