So let me ask you, what did you think when you read the title?  Ugh?  No way?  For real, how many of you have ever tasted a tofu based dish?  Have you ever eaten at an Asian restaurant, specifically Japanese?  Many of you, right? 

How did it taste?  For some great but for some, no way!  But consider your health and the fact that you’re helping the planet!  How great is that?!!  As a family, we are committed to learning more and more about health and our genes.  You can too.

Ok, facts are not real until you can disprove them by conducting your own experiment, so go ANIMAL FREE.  Podcast is real today so open your minds and examine your beliefs.


Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Youth Mindset Coach. Nutrition Counselor. Master Personal Trainer. YMCA Board Member, Licensed Virgina Realtor, Podcast Host

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