Time Out Thursday!  What’s good familia’?  I truly hope you all are well and enjoying all that life has to offer you at this moment, not in the future, but rught now!!!

Too many times when I speak to prospects and clients, some are lost with what time means.  Time is ACTION.  Time means little if there is NO action attached to it.  Feel me?  Think about that, what is time to you!

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Ok, serious I am today.  Watching my wife and son battle in a chess match gave me an opportunity to OVERstand how they think in situations of peril, reward and defeat.  Its great.  So how do you manage your ego?  Humility?  Are you an excuse person or a reason one?

What’s the difference between, a Reason and an Excuse?  Listen to the Podcast and find out.

Take Time Out to ensure you are using Time the best ways possible!  Chow!

Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Youth Mindset Coach. Nutrition Counselor. Master Personal Trainer. YMCA Board Member, Licensed Virgina Realtor, Podcast Host

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