Thursday The Truth

What are universal truths?

The three universal truths are: Anicca-Anicca is the belief that everything changes and that nothing stays the same. Anatta-The belief that there is no such thing as “self”, and that there is no immortal soul.
Ok so we are going that deep but we could, you wont know until you listen.  I guess people would rather make reasons for be mediocre and rationalizing it as ok.  I mean, why achieve when you see Honor Roll students cheating?  Beauty Queens cheating?  ok that one is actually realistic… You get the point though…
The truth is not negotiable!  A lie is a lie.  No exception, everyday, all day forever, a LIE!  Honor the truth sayers cause they are a dying breed.  Look into yourselves for your Truth, what does it look like?
Paint the picture for someone you love.  It will amaze you.

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