Sometimes it really does rain in California

Oh how I miss California and I mean all parts of the state.  It was very refreshing and alive with vibrant people seemingly enjoying their own paradise.  Wow!  What a place.  For those of you that have not visited, try to before you leave this planet.  My great fortune presented several natural disasters and the misfortune of the OJ trial and Watts Riots via the Rodney King verdict.  So as you can see so far I have lived through a few crazy California storms.

Who says it does not rain in California?  They’ve never gone cause there are seasons in Northern California and snow on Big Bear.   Whaat!!?  I suppose folk get caught up in smog ridden LA and think that is the real California, right?  Who knows?  I’m just venting and sharing a story or two about fun times and really cool experiences.  Peace

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