Smells like it, then…

Ok, this is a crazy time in the world but one thing we all know…if it smells like it, it usually is!  So what does your day smell like?  This is a fact, do not listen to the ignorant one that was elected.  It will make your health and mindset wane.

Health and Wellness is what we do as you are aware.  So let me ask you all something, how many of you realize that you have the opportunity to be mediocre and still be successful?  Ok, that is a luxury that Black and ethnic folk do not have.  White people know that just by being White, they have an advantage. Most whites are afraid of the reality that they have a built in curve on their grade.  It was INVENTED this privilege they have.  It was systematic and pervasive in that, most white person kept the secret because of personal gain.

Imagine not having all the things you inherited and stole from Native Americans and others?   This system of in-equality must end.  WHITE women, you are with us because remember, Black men got the right to vote BEFORE you did.  Imagine.  



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