What’s Good?  I hope you all are great and there are no BURNED eyes from the Eclipse!  As my son and I were watching it we wondered out loud, we are truly in space!  Some forget that and think we are bolted to some immovable object, but alas we are not.  

Next up:  got some great info on the podcast today and it will really make you think.  With all the mess about Race and life, its a wonder Kids are not pulling their hair out.  Adults need to get it together and share the TRUTH (last podcast) with them.  Have that TALK, for real.

Ok, here’s one for you to chew on.  How many American Whites believe they have an UNFAIR advantage provided by the acts of Enslavement on others not like them?  MOST do KNOW this.  They feel really badly about it, IMO.  So lets help them HEAL too.  Don’t feel guilt about the TRUTH.  If the tables were turned, how would you feel then?  

So, with that in mind.  please comment after you listen and HELP society LOVE again.  Chow

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