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It’s Really Wednesday!?  Well that’s a rip!  With the climate of the world being a little on edge right now, its only right for me to be a little bit frosty as well.  So let me ask you all, how does the climate in the US feel to you?  Oh, I’m not talking about the weather?  Tyranny and ignorance go hand in hand, so please forgive our ignorance because it does not represent the people of the US.  Whew!  I got that out of the way now we can proceed.

Ok, so my speaking engagement was about white privilege  and how it impacts others around you.  You would’ve been proud of these teens because they nailed it.  Its unfair and at times unconscious.  So I ask you non ethnic folk out there, what would you do with the shoe on the other foot?  How would you react to being invisible because of fear and guilt?  Yes that’s right, guilt.  Some realize they benefit just from being white in the US…now EVERYONE else knows it.  So, please recognize, you do not have to be as good as we do to be successful, do your research.  

Just prior to the introduction of Adam, in the book of Genesis, the Scripture indicates Eden’s location was west of Ethiopia, voiding a popular notion of Eden being in Iraq, northeast of Ethiopia.  (See Fig. 2)  Since Eden lay west of Ethiopia this would place its garden on the African continent, making Adam the first African.  From what we know about the habitat of Africa, the Genesis account coincides with Eden being in Africa.

Ok, it was a great discussion and love filled the air afterwards.  Its great to clear the air, try it!

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