Us Government Report On Homeless Youth, Homelessness in the united states – wikipedia, The number of homeless people grew in the 1980s, as housing and social service cuts increased and the economy deteriorated. the united states government determined .. More than 500,000 people homeless in the united states, More than 500,000 people – a quarter of them children – were homeless in the united states this year amid scarce affordable housing across much of the nation .


Global Homelessness Statistics

To help our supporters better understand this global problem, we have sought to compile the latest available statistics on the challenges faced by our National Partners.

The last time a global survey was attempted – by the United Nations in 2005 – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015).

Hilarious that folk leave more money to their animals than just will it to humans.  Just saying.

What the hell is going on with our government, we have kids!  Play nice and get things done!  Ok it starts at the top, so you wont be getting things done.  Whew, check it out, its worth it.

Why the people who believe in God are poor, while those who do not believe in Him are rich?

Protect our kids right and do not allow the destruction of their planet.


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