Happy Good Friday to some and Happy Phiona Friday to the rest of you…

Phiona Friday is here and I am glad to share a great story of overcoming!  It is based on a true story and you can see it.  The movie made from her story is called Queen of Katwe!

Back to the beat, ok, let’s truly examine the aspects of our nature and environment and the effects it has on us and our visitors.  In some situations, adults traumatize kids and don’t realize. 

Teens are influenced easily as we know, so how can we ensure they are leaders and look you the eye when they speak when some of you look away?  Help each other, we are the smarter land animal that can speak common language, so what gives?

Money!  Money is ruining society, lack of for all that is.  IMO, help is needed and it will happen, I am certain.  What are you doing to help?

Check out the Podcast to see how…

CL will SELL for u!


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