Happy Friday!  Are you a friend or foe?  Don’t you ask yourself that sometimes?  I mean, people are a little shady at times, aren’t they?  Even you are at times.  Listen I’m not the morality policia but humans have this fascination with the “Dark” side.  Lets face it, the bad guys get the girls!  They may not marry them but the get them.

So, what happens when you encounter people that look like you but act like they look like a stranger.  Well I had a few brown folk that were actually ashamed of themselves! Boo.  Self hate is a problem in America!  Also, its bad health.

Ok, check out the Podcast as usual and leave a comment.

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Happy Memorial Day!  A time to Remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom!  Thanks you!!  As a military person myself, I understand the challenges some had and what they gave!

Do you remember someone that was lost?  If so, what do you remember about them?  Their smile?  Voice?  Eyes?  What?  Hopefully, you have learned how to keep those memories sacred and share the love with all that will listen.  Some feel that death is not the end?  What do you think?

Celebration of life means, we celebrate at the end of life as well.  What do you think?  I mean, we were blessed to have our Mother pass at home and that was a great experience for my daughter and myself as we shared it together.  Life will end, its what we do while we are living…So enjoy your time and be mindful who you spend it with!

Thanks again to the Fallen!

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Wednesday Wee-Cap

Oh my, there is so much to talk about but not a lot of time to do it because for me time is motion and sitting still is wasting some of the time I have in this world!  So, listen so that I do not have to write a bunch of what’s going on!

I can tell you this though, the healthier you are the better your mindset will be and sleeping 7.5 – 8hrs EVERY night, will improve your wellness is exponential ways!  Who knew that you lost weight while you slept?  Ok, I knew but wanted to make sure you knew!

Beliefs can awaken and strengthen or can be killers of spirit and lives apparently!  REMEMBER?  YOU and I used to believe in Santa Claus but when I realized HE was not real, I did not want to hurt my parents!

There are lot of things we BELIEVE that ARE not REAL, meaning you can’t prove it, isn’t that right?

Ok, I’m about done because you can listen to the podcast!  SO Bye!

Come Back Friday, pretty please??!!

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Granny Marie

Happier Mindset Monday and the day after Mother’s Day welcomes a great opportunity to share stories and visit loved ones.  What did you do?  Well we had our 91 year old Granny over for the first time….

Wow, it was too funny.  We went to school and she met my dudes teachers and class mates.  Awesome experience for someone born in 1920’s!  What do you think?

Also, shared some drama and science but you have to listen.  Love your kids and they will love you back!  Be real with them, share failures and how you overcame them.  Its how they pick themselves back up…Share the love.

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Yes, its High-appy Mindset Monday again!  I hope all of you made the weekend memorable for inspiring reasons of course…Or did you have excuses that were accepted as reasons?  Well anyways, WELCOME back!

Ok, so my lil dude wanted to interview me and so I let him do his thing and ask me 5 questions and you got to hear his reporting skills.  Also, we had a great conversation that will surely make you laugh and realize, that’s you too!

Hopefully your team is still grinding, don’t lose faith in them.  Some say, you may not believe if your faith wavers so easily, right?  So, stay true and blue!  Where exactly did that phrase come from, I’m not sure, England??!!

Oh well, I truly hope you all are becoming more aware and preparing for success, no matter how that looks!  Grind and share with each other what it takes to make it in this ever changing world.  We are going to need each other more and more.  Learn from wildlife.

Peace and Chicken Grease!

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How I know!

I was thinking and wondering about life’s meaning, this is what I came up with…

How I KNOW!  Well first, let’s determine exactly what we know, you agree?  So, let me ask you, what do you think you know?  How do you know you know it? It sounds redundant, does it not?

Life, IMO, is very redundant and we strive to make it less so.  How does one make it less so?  That’s the million dollar question, huh?

Like I said, I was thinking and determined that we, humans, really do not KNOW a lot.  In fact, we know very little.  Check this out, take a universal look at the world.

In fact, you’re on the Moon and looking at the Earth...

What do you see?  Any cities? people? or strictures?  I think not!  So, what do we know… Well for one, we’re in space.  We are going to die.  We must drink water, eat, drink and cleaner ourselves.  Shelter and a means to protect and reproduce. This I know.

What else is real?  How do YOU know for sure?

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Way-Back Wednesday!

Well this one was a tough one because it was about an issue that plagues our community and others too it appears.  Light skin and dark skin.  Its crazy but folk are still buying to the “good” hair thing too.  Do you perpetuate the hate?

Ok, so that is discussed a little as it was shown to me via a speaking engagement to kids.  So if its there, its at home, agree?  How do you feel about it?  Have you seen this or been a part of it?  I bet you will watch out for it now.

I remember my mom saying to me that I would have it a little harder because I was the darker of my siblings.  She was fair.  Thanks Mom for preparing me without fear and malice.  She said she was watered down!  Ha Ha.  She always had a way to make it better, like our Moms and Grandmoms do…

So for more, what do you have to do?

That’s right.  Listen.

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Young and Married… Discover Intimacy and each others Love Language!

Man, its not like it used to be, is it?  Well this story begins where most ends, happy and all smiles.  Now it does not seem to be that way when in the line of fire so hang on to your hats on this one.

I had a great conversation with a 23 year old, married mother of 3 girls and a Navy husband.  We were in the gym and she was working out and doing a great job.  She came over to me and said, she was going to do a pull up if it kills her!  I said, you already completed a pull up.  She says, what do you mean?  And the conversation went on from there.  You will have to listen to hear how it ended.

Hey, Wednesday, I’m going to speak with a great person of faith from South Carolina.  She is a wonderful and very good person and wife.  You will hear for yourself.  So listen in on Wednesday!!!

Ok, @Odellafitness are Twins and they are wonderful.  I’m looking so forward to speaking with them and many more to learn how they started and where they want to go.  Check them out!


Shout to my soon to be son-in-law, Dustin!  5 Love Languages!  My man! 

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Time Out Thursday!  What’s good familia’?  I truly hope you all are well and enjoying all that life has to offer you at this moment, not in the future, but rught now!!!

Too many times when I speak to prospects and clients, some are lost with what time means.  Time is ACTION.  Time means little if there is NO action attached to it.  Feel me?  Think about that, what is time to you!

TopCat Orca Studio

Ok, serious I am today.  Watching my wife and son battle in a chess match gave me an opportunity to OVERstand how they think in situations of peril, reward and defeat.  Its great.  So how do you manage your ego?  Humility?  Are you an excuse person or a reason one?

What’s the difference between, a Reason and an Excuse?  Listen to the Podcast and find out.

Take Time Out to ensure you are using Time the best ways possible!  Chow!

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Good Morning Familia!

Tap In Tuesday or are you going to Tap Out?  My son and I went out this weekend and I challenged him to run across a very log span bridge.  Now he has no fear of heights as we climb high into trees but the thought of the bridge intrigued him.

I know he wants to impress me so I used this as an advantage to teach him how to overcome an unknown, not label it a fear.  Be careful with the labeling.  Ok, so I posted it on Instagram and Twitter so please check the video out.

Tap Out?  Yes we do now and again, right?  So don’t fret.  We are human by the way, haha.  Enjoy your faults because they are in fact, yours!

Check out the Podcast.

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