Us Government Report On Homeless Youth, Homelessness in the united states – wikipedia, The number of homeless people grew in the 1980s, as housing and social service cuts increased and the economy deteriorated. the united states government determined .. More than 500,000 people homeless in the united states, More than 500,000 people – a quarter of them children – were homeless in the united states this year amid scarce affordable housing across much of the nation .


Global Homelessness Statistics

To help our supporters better understand this global problem, we have sought to compile the latest available statistics on the challenges faced by our National Partners.

The last time a global survey was attempted – by the United Nations in 2005 – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015).

Hilarious that folk leave more money to their animals than just will it to humans.  Just saying.

What the hell is going on with our government, we have kids!  Play nice and get things done!  Ok it starts at the top, so you wont be getting things done.  Whew, check it out, its worth it.

Why the people who believe in God are poor, while those who do not believe in Him are rich?

Protect our kids right and do not allow the destruction of their planet.


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The Truth



  1. the quality or state of being true:
    “he had to accept the truth of her accusation”
    antonyms: dishonesty · falseness
    • (the truth)
      that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality:
      “tell me the truth” ·

      “she found out the truth about him”
      synonyms: what actually happened · the case · so · the gospel (truth) · the honest truth · fact(s) · reality · real life · actuality
      antonyms: lies · fiction
    • a fact or belief that is accepted as true:
      “the emergence of scientific truths”
      synonyms: fact · verity · certainty · certitude · law · principle

    Ok, I realize that some folk do not OVERSTAND what the Truth is or what it means.  The definition above will assist some but many developed this art at an early and it was not corrected.  We spend time with our loved ones discussing the do’s and don’t(s) and why’s…

    So, as a learned behavior, what say you parents?  How can you stand by and allow your children the room to fib?  It starts with US, YOU! 

    Listen to the podcast for even more evidence that good people are still on this planet!!!  Aren’t you?  I am!

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So let me ask you, what did you think when you read the title?  Ugh?  No way?  For real, how many of you have ever tasted a tofu based dish?  Have you ever eaten at an Asian restaurant, specifically Japanese?  Many of you, right? 

How did it taste?  For some great but for some, no way!  But consider your health and the fact that you’re helping the planet!  How great is that?!!  As a family, we are committed to learning more and more about health and our genes.  You can too.

Ok, facts are not real until you can disprove them by conducting your own experiment, so go ANIMAL FREE.  Podcast is real today so open your minds and examine your beliefs.


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What the Health (2017 documentary)

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Wake up, Wake up, Wake up its the end of the month!  Get up, get up, get up and don’t forget your lunch!  Ok, that’s for those that work and love it…and the stories today are again, feel good!

Have you ever seen something that your brain could not make out?  Or it filled in what it thought it saw?  That’s what we will discover today in the Podcast.  Why we do what we do?  What are the causes?  One thing I have learned, we are products of our upbringing environment.

Imagine not having to work for survival?  Well when robots take over, we will not need to work nor have the need for money.  Everyone will have it cause we can not pay robots!!

Go listen to the podcast.  Peace

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WildOut Wednesday

Oh my goodness, what’s exciting about today in your world?  Well as usual, I have a few things on my mind and on the podcast today, I got them off!!

Have you ever had something stuck in your throat and no matter how much you try, it was not budging?  What did you eventually do?  Was it an old family remedy passed down generations?  What did you eventually do?

Well, you probably fell asleep and awakened the next morning to find it had removed itself.  How?  Unexplained stuff happens all the time.  Why do we always have to know?  Its not logical to believe you can know all things!  Ok I’m rambling again about logic…That’s what chess players do.

So, listen for more details, its good stuff.

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Me-dia Monday

Hola, what’s good?  Trusting you all are well and your families are too.  With that being said, the Me-dia, pronounced, media, has a great reputation for sharing the truth about everything, right?  Ok, maybe I’m a little off here, but you know what I’m getting at, don’t you?

Let’s say they were a little correct on major news or produced more feel good stories, would you watch it more?  Less?  Well they know that answer and pay folk tons to make certain its right on, every time, everyday without fail!  So what’s in your …gotcha did I not?  So did they!!!

Ok so the podcast peeks into a bunch of why’s and what if’s?  Listen…

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Keep it Simple

Hello again!  I truly hope you all are well and inspired and inspiring others to do more and Keep it Simple!  This is the theme of the day!

Food is mandatory but the overconsumption is alarming especially with foreign born folk that come to the USA and experience “fast food” for the first time.  Its unbelievable the amount they eat.  It was eye opening for us as a family to witness it… Had to explain this to my son and he already figured it out.  Keep it Simple.

Love for ones self is crucial.  Agree?  I understand that some may find obesity offensive but before you judge, look within.  For real, some folk have an addiction or sickness.  Kids that do not prepare food for themselves have their parents to blame for their future misery.

What to do?  Well first, it starts with YOU!!!  Handle your business BEFORE asking someone else to change or alter theirs, make sense?  Keep it Simple!

Ok, listen and you’ll hear how to win FREE services from TOPCAT 247.

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Happy Friday!  Are you a friend or foe?  Don’t you ask yourself that sometimes?  I mean, people are a little shady at times, aren’t they?  Even you are at times.  Listen I’m not the morality policia but humans have this fascination with the “Dark” side.  Lets face it, the bad guys get the girls!  They may not marry them but the get them.

So, what happens when you encounter people that look like you but act like they look like a stranger.  Well I had a few brown folk that were actually ashamed of themselves! Boo.  Self hate is a problem in America!  Also, its bad health.

Ok, check out the Podcast as usual and leave a comment.

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Happy Memorial Day!  A time to Remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom!  Thanks you!!  As a military person myself, I understand the challenges some had and what they gave!

Do you remember someone that was lost?  If so, what do you remember about them?  Their smile?  Voice?  Eyes?  What?  Hopefully, you have learned how to keep those memories sacred and share the love with all that will listen.  Some feel that death is not the end?  What do you think?

Celebration of life means, we celebrate at the end of life as well.  What do you think?  I mean, we were blessed to have our Mother pass at home and that was a great experience for my daughter and myself as we shared it together.  Life will end, its what we do while we are living…So enjoy your time and be mindful who you spend it with!

Thanks again to the Fallen!

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