Live!! In Chesapeake, its Coach Clement!  First of my live appearances and it was a great time.  Check it out and the story of the mother of a beautiful 17 year old teenager that wants her mom, healthier.

How do you think your children feel about their parents and their struggles?  Some take it onto themselves and others vent out on friends…How do you cope?

May of us think slim is healthy, think again.  Body fat is necessary!  So, please don’t use your eyes for the health test, get a physical!  That’s the only way to tell about your insides!

Ok, Mindset Monday and we are off to start a beautiful week.  Can you finish stronger than you began?  I think so and I want to help you.

Help someone else today, listen to them and share a story of overcoming!  You can do it. Free yourself!

Love y’all!

Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Youth Mindset Coach. Nutrition Counselor. Master Personal Trainer. YMCA Board Member, Licensed Virgina Realtor, Podcast Host

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