Mindset Monday

What is Mindset Monday?  I know that’s what you’re thinking when I say that.  Well, Mindset Monday is going to become a part of our show and here is how we do it.

Before your place your feet on the floor, turn to the side of the bed and complete a soft stretch.  Raise your hands over your head and twist slowly…as you stretch inhale deeply, this represents “bringing in” all those necessary things you need to be the person you want to.  Exhale all those things that are keeping you away from your goals.

This is a small practice that could yield large results.  Try it and see.  Then congratulate yourself because it’s HUGE to try something someone else suggests.  So, my hats off to you!

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Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Youth Mindset Coach. Nutrition Counselor. Master Personal Trainer. YMCA Board Member, Licensed Virgina Realtor, Podcast Host

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