Manage your manager

Happy Tuesday my people!  I am certain you all are doing ok if you’re reading this.  So let’s examine a topic that many of you have asked me to enlightened you on.  Working is great but one needs to understand their job requirements, after?  Also, your supervisor has to know their role so to the manager.  Each depends on the other, make sense?  When you learn what the goals of each position entails then you can effectively manage your manager.  It’s not simply completing your duties, it’s the way you do it and how, isn’t that right?  So how exactly are you completing your duties?  What consideration have you given to your supervisors needs?  When you do, your stock will sky rocket in your company!  Remember, it’s not about your but about the company’s needs!!!  Figure out what the company wants and simply deliver it, everyday, everyone with no exceptions.  Coach

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