Keep it Simple

Hello again!  I truly hope you all are well and inspired and inspiring others to do more and Keep it Simple!  This is the theme of the day!

Food is mandatory but the overconsumption is alarming especially with foreign born folk that come to the USA and experience “fast food” for the first time.  Its unbelievable the amount they eat.  It was eye opening for us as a family to witness it… Had to explain this to my son and he already figured it out.  Keep it Simple.

Love for ones self is crucial.  Agree?  I understand that some may find obesity offensive but before you judge, look within.  For real, some folk have an addiction or sickness.  Kids that do not prepare food for themselves have their parents to blame for their future misery.

What to do?  Well first, it starts with YOU!!!  Handle your business BEFORE asking someone else to change or alter theirs, make sense?  Keep it Simple!

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