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Welcome to TopCat247.net!  Reset Your Mindset with TopCat!  I will not hide this fact, my wife says I’m a little weird and guess what, some of you are too…That’s ok!  Its important to LOVE where you are and if you are still getting there, love that!

My desire for my listeners is that each finds ONE tip or hear one story that calls their name, touches their heart and justifies their direction.  Sharing LIFE truly helps and it amazes me each time I’m in the presence of people.  Thank you for loving me back!!

Riddle me this:  How weird are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

Ok, you do not want to share it do you?  Its ok, please share it!  Once you do, it’s like a great weight off your back!  Think of someone that thought you  were a little odd because you had a germ thing, now look at the world!!!

I know you have many more and the world is awaiting you to embrace it.  It’s like people who curse or swear!  Now it turns out they are a little smarter than folk that do not!  HMMM that’s why I do it then.  Now I’ve got it1  Where are you really?  Who controls your thoughts about yourself?  For real, who?

Now that we have established the control, how do we fix it?  See, when you accept your weirdness, there is no need to change…the World has to!  Man this is great stuff!

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