[ˈfrīdā, ˈfrīdē]

Friday (n.) Look up Friday at Dictionary.comsixth day of the week, Old English frigedæg “Friday, Frigga’s day,” from Frige, genitive of *Frigu (see Frigg), Germanic goddess of married love. The day name is a West Germanic translation of Latin dies Veneris “day of (the planet) Venus,” which itself translated Greek Aphrodites hemera.
  1. the day of the week before Saturday and following Thursday:

    “he was arrested on Friday” ·

    “the cleaning woman came on Fridays” · “Friday evening”
    on Friday:
    “we’ll try again Friday”

Day before Saturday and day after Thursday!  What up with that? History and origin are important to understanding meaning of words and sharing knowledge is a requirement.  I’m kidding, its all a lead in to the discussion today; as I was at the Great Dismal Swamp and the Stomp 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow, the 8th. 

Thinking of the many Stomp’s I’ve finished, the idea of Finish Friday came into existence.  How are you going to finish today?  Like everyone else?  23% proficiency?  What if you decided to deviate from the norm by 1%?  What change would that produce? How would one feel its effects?

  1. Origin: [AS. frigedg, fr. Frigu, the gooddes of marriage; friqu love + dg day; cf. Icel. Frigg name of a goddess, the wife of Odin or Wodan, OHG. Fratag, Icel. Frjdagr. AS. frigu is prob. from the root of E. friend, free. See Free, and Day.]

Man, Friday meant a lot of special things to me growing up and as an adult.  In some ways it signaled the end but in ways of LIFE and awakening, it signaled Light!  It was attractive, right?  You all like it too and learned to place a special meaning on Friday as well.  A lot of countries view Friday differently than we Americans do.  You’ll learn why.  So enjoy and leave COMMENTS, please.


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