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“If you love life, don’t waste time; because that is what it is made of.”– Bruce Lee

Lifestyle Wellness Center

TopCat Lifestyle Wellness Center is a comprehensive fitness center for people of all ages. Certified lifestyle, mindset coaches and personal trainers assess clients for their fitness levels and design an individualized program to help improve physical strength, endurance and energy.

First and foremost, thanks for checking us out and experiencing our version of sharing the love!  
Real talk, some of you are seeking a guaranteed EASY way to remove the medications, lose the tire around your waists, sleep better , love better…you following me? 
At TopCat Mindset and Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, we began in 2006 as TopCat Per4mance, LP and the added the coaching division is 2009.  Mobile training and motivational speeches as well as video chat in 2015.  All in all, we are progressive and in synch with the needs of our clients.  Through unique training methods to preparation of meals, we simply will not allow our clients to fail on our watch, or any other watch!  Working in the local community and across the digital divide, we provide a valuable resource and appreciate all the love we receive in return.  Wellness, Life, Mind, Profession all work together like Salt and Pepper.  We want to help simplify the process of getting and staying well for life.  Check it out…
We are #plant powered and make no mistake about it, learning how to satisfy your individual nutritional needs is essential to your wellness success for life.  No, we are not going to make you a vegetarian, whatever that is.  Our Nutritionist, Renee, has 2 degrees in Nutrition and has vast experience with medicines and the effects on your physiology.  She’s the one the ensures your medication addiction ends and not continue for the rest of your life, just like your physician told you, isn’t that right?
What happens now?  Panic, fear and comfort food or liquid or other.  The next day or week, how do you feel?  It doesn’t feel great, does it?  You are not alone, we assist many folk everyday just like you.  It becomes a Mindset Reset once the back story is heard and the root cause is established.  There’s no judgement, just results, YOUR results!

Available to members of the community on a subscription basis, the TC Lifestyle Wellness Center has state-of-the-art cardiovascular routines, including innovative step routines,, as well as Cybex resistance training equipment, free weights and boxing skills training.

Options include one-on-one personal training, group exercise classes, pulmonary group and geriatric fitness class.

Fitness Center Hours
Monday through Friday, 5:30 am – 8 pm

Middle-aged women: “Doctor, I’m depressed because I’m fat and I don’t like myself.”
Doc: “Here’s some Paxil.”
Pharmaceutical company: “CHA-CHING!”

Coach Clement is the ring leader and as you will quickly feel, see and hear his passion and love for your wellness.  Master Wellness Counselor and Mindset Coach, 20 plus years training, lifestyle coaching, nutrition counseling, wellness planning, growth mindset coaching for youth and business.  Experience, education and practical application are our key ingredients to ensuring you get the best guidance available.  We encourage folk to verify what we say, trust but always verify. 
So, for those that really want to change their lifestyle, mindset and chart a new path to wellness, we offer many service for those seeking a difference in their life,  Check it out on the services page.  Thanks and enjoy!  
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Let’s not forget the team, who are registered  professionals themselves, you can rest assured that we really do understand the individual needs of our clients and candidates.

  • R. Barkley, Nutritionist – Nutrition and Wellness Planner –  When it comes to qualifications, Bachelors and Masters in Nutrition so pertaining to food and nutrients for the body, find someone more qualified.  Fitness begins in the kitchen, if not yours someone else’s. Everyone has a food story and for some it is overpowering.  It may not be as simple as an exercise program or going to the gym to workout.  When there is an emotional attachment to food, that’s a whole new ball game and gyms are not equipped to handle those “opportunities!”   Let us show you how to renew your body for life WITHOUT medication.
  • J. Williams – Certified National Wellness Counselor –  Each person is different and requires information presented to them differently.  So to understand how thy are different, you have to listen to them intently and at the same time ask questions that show them you are listening and genuinely care about them, Coach Clement role plays with us weekly to ensure we are proficient at listening to our clients. 
  • 7 Regional – Fitness and Contract Wellness Professionals to exceed your needs and personal wellness goals no matter where you are ONLINE.

Wake Up America!

Drug companies lie to you. Plain and simple. Those drugs you thought were non-habit forming? They are. Those drugs you thought could cure your Restless Leg Syndrome (which has got to be a made up disease), well, it causes compulsive gambling. Those drugs that cured arthritis? Well, turns out they cause heart attacks and the drug companies knew it.

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Equally, we readily accept the challenges – both exciting and frustrating – that working in the wellness arena presents.    Ok seriously though, it’s all about the process and how you feel about the journey, don’t you agree?  Time is what time is, precious and owed to no one.  Let’s make the most out of the time we spend together and push the envelope!  Thanks again!  Enjoy

  • Master Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, Mindset Training Specialist
  • Marketing/Sales 
  • Inspirational Motivational Speaker (Youth, Teen, Business, Organizations, Events and more)
  • Master Personal Trainer
  • Board Member – South Hampton Roads YMCA, Virginia