What do you really want in your business career?

Wow, do you really think about your business career trajectory in relevant terms?  How do you measure your progress?  What are you going to do if it does not go as planned?  What is your backup plan?  I know it can be very, very scary but I can tell you this, learning to picture the results BEFORE they happen will taker you far!

SO, imagine yourself getting that promotion, with a fabulous raise!  Now determine what is needed in your business to exceed it.  Easy right? It is going to take time and you must be determined to do what it takes to achieve your stated goals and make your business a success.  Can you do it?

Go get them!

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Why are you thankful?

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What is happiness?

I am not the one to ask that question because I’m a developed mindset that seeks to be a little more than mediocre.  How about you?  It appears that some, well, a lot of folk are ok with just being OK.  That is itself is not an issue however practicing it, can be?  Make sense?

Would you allow your kids to be average?  Or would you allow them to graded on a curve?  Hmm?  Not really, I thought so.  In our professions, rarely are you required to do the EXCEPTIONAL…just get through the day and you’re golden, right?  Let me ask you though, where is your mindset and what is YOUR little inside voice saying to you?  It’s a slippery slope but I know you can overcome the mediocrity element of life.

WHO amongst you takes chances?  If you did not raise your hand, that is ok, many will not because they are not ALPHA personalities…Please do not settle, get better by learning new things and making certain you are NOT accepting less.  Make certain folk expect MORE from you and if they do not, ask them why they are ok with average…

Thanks and go out there and have a GREAT existence.  One

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Friday the 13th

Ok, I am certain some are a little fearful of the day called Friday the 13th, right?  Have you all thought about how this came to be?  Me either, I know I was like some of you and really annoyed that it altered folks lives…So let me ask you guys something?  What do you eat on this day?  Is it something scary or the usual. 

Everyday we are out in the field speaking with wellness seeking professionals, parents, teens and older adults and they ask the same things, really!  How do I stay healthy with all the bad food products out here?  Great question and its so convoluted with BAD advice, what does one do?  

1.  Understand your body’s needs and your brains.  With this little tidbit you will lean on food that nourishes not the ones that make you feel good.  That’s it!  Study your family’s background and roots so that you are aware what foods your gene pool ate.  Then you will look and feel like you are supposed to.  How would you feel looking and feeling great and they are synched!!!

So, now you are synched and loaded for whatever life throws your way.  Go out there and LOVE, forget fear and Friday the 13th!

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Manage your manager

Happy Tuesday my people!  I am certain you all are doing ok if you’re reading this.  So let’s examine a topic that many of you have asked me to enlightened you on.  Working is great but one needs to understand their job requirements, after?  Also, your supervisor has to know their role so to the manager.  Each depends on the other, make sense?  When you learn what the goals of each position entails then you can effectively manage your manager.  It’s not simply completing your duties, it’s the way you do it and how, isn’t that right?  So how exactly are you completing your duties?  What consideration have you given to your supervisors needs?  When you do, your stock will sky rocket in your company!  Remember, it’s not about your but about the company’s needs!!!  Figure out what the company wants and simply deliver it, everyday, everyone with no exceptions.  Coach

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Smells like it, then…

Ok, this is a crazy time in the world but one thing we all know…if it smells like it, it usually is!  So what does your day smell like?  This is a fact, do not listen to the ignorant one that was elected.  It will make your health and mindset wane.

Health and Wellness is what we do as you are aware.  So let me ask you all something, how many of you realize that you have the opportunity to be mediocre and still be successful?  Ok, that is a luxury that Black and ethnic folk do not have.  White people know that just by being White, they have an advantage. Most whites are afraid of the reality that they have a built in curve on their grade.  It was INVENTED this privilege they have.  It was systematic and pervasive in that, most white person kept the secret because of personal gain.

Imagine not having all the things you inherited and stole from Native Americans and others?   This system of in-equality must end.  WHITE women, you are with us because remember, Black men got the right to vote BEFORE you did.  Imagine.  



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Sometimes it really does rain in California

Oh how I miss California and I mean all parts of the state.  It was very refreshing and alive with vibrant people seemingly enjoying their own paradise.  Wow!  What a place.  For those of you that have not visited, try to before you leave this planet.  My great fortune presented several natural disasters and the misfortune of the OJ trial and Watts Riots via the Rodney King verdict.  So as you can see so far I have lived through a few crazy California storms.

Who says it does not rain in California?  They’ve never gone cause there are seasons in Northern California and snow on Big Bear.   Whaat!!?  I suppose folk get caught up in smog ridden LA and think that is the real California, right?  Who knows?  I’m just venting and sharing a story or two about fun times and really cool experiences.  Peace

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Really Wednesday

It’s Really Wednesday!?  Well that’s a rip!  With the climate of the world being a little on edge right now, its only right for me to be a little bit frosty as well.  So let me ask you all, how does the climate in the US feel to you?  Oh, I’m not talking about the weather?  Tyranny and ignorance go hand in hand, so please forgive our ignorance because it does not represent the people of the US.  Whew!  I got that out of the way now we can proceed.

Ok, so my speaking engagement was about white privilege  and how it impacts others around you.  You would’ve been proud of these teens because they nailed it.  Its unfair and at times unconscious.  So I ask you non ethnic folk out there, what would you do with the shoe on the other foot?  How would you react to being invisible because of fear and guilt?  Yes that’s right, guilt.  Some realize they benefit just from being white in the US…now EVERYONE else knows it.  So, please recognize, you do not have to be as good as we do to be successful, do your research.  

Just prior to the introduction of Adam, in the book of Genesis, the Scripture indicates Eden’s location was west of Ethiopia, voiding a popular notion of Eden being in Iraq, northeast of Ethiopia.  (See Fig. 2)  Since Eden lay west of Ethiopia this would place its garden on the African continent, making Adam the first African.  From what we know about the habitat of Africa, the Genesis account coincides with Eden being in Africa.

Ok, it was a great discussion and love filled the air afterwards.  Its great to clear the air, try it!

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Well, Well…Another great day and hopefully, you are making strides to make everyday count.  I am somewhat perplexed as to what makes some motivated and others not so much…what do you all think?

Of course you know of folk that are not motivated but usually there are reasons for their melancholy mood, right?  Let’s say you asked, what might you expect they’d say?  So that’s the Lick…Find out the reasons, if they are up to it.

You know what, a really good parent of several kids, a couple are mature so he knows parenting.  So check this out, he asked me to ask you all about the age that your kids should leave the nest.  He was really alarmed that Black families seem to push their kids out SOONER than most.  I shared, 20’s for mine or when they are ready to, ABLE to…What about you guys?

Is this a cultural thing or economical or is it something more sinister?  Government involved like Zo suggested?

Let me know…I’m out.

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What’s Good?  I hope you all are great and there are no BURNED eyes from the Eclipse!  As my son and I were watching it we wondered out loud, we are truly in space!  Some forget that and think we are bolted to some immovable object, but alas we are not.  

Next up:  got some great info on the podcast today and it will really make you think.  With all the mess about Race and life, its a wonder Kids are not pulling their hair out.  Adults need to get it together and share the TRUTH (last podcast) with them.  Have that TALK, for real.

Ok, here’s one for you to chew on.  How many American Whites believe they have an UNFAIR advantage provided by the acts of Enslavement on others not like them?  MOST do KNOW this.  They feel really badly about it, IMO.  So lets help them HEAL too.  Don’t feel guilt about the TRUTH.  If the tables were turned, how would you feel then?  

So, with that in mind.  please comment after you listen and HELP society LOVE again.  Chow

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